How to play blackjack

How to play blackjack

How do you play blackjack? You’ve probably asked this question a thousand times. It’s a very well-known game in casinos, but it may have taken a long time to become famous. With the advent of internet casinos and online and live BlackJack, the distance between the game and potential players has been dramatically reduced.

As we’ve said before, blackjack is the most popular card game among all casino games (yes, even more popular than poker, though the latter has been closing the gap lately). And it is because it’s a fascinating game, fast-paced, and, above all, very easy to learn, understand, and master.

Let’s understand ‘master’ to mean being able to play pretty clearly, rather than becoming a BlackJack three-way. The game’s basic rules are simple, and the mechanics are simple enough that you don’t have to think as hard as you do in poker, for example.

So, if you like to play online casinos from time to time and want to have a lot of fun without making a lot of effort, we’ll tell you how to play blackjack. As the saying goes, “in a nutshell,” so that everyone understands.

How to play blackjack: basic rules

Let’s have a look. Let’s start at the beginning with the basic principles:

  • Blackjack is usually played with no more than 7 players.
  • The players play by placing 2 cards on the table face up and face down. The dealer plays with one card face up and one card face down.

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The main aim is to add a value as close to 21 as possible without going beyond (if it is precisely 21, all the better, never more). To do what?

  • Re-play the dealer’s hand (which also can never be over 21)
  • DO NOT exceed 21 points when the dealer’s hand MUST exceed 21 points.

As you can see, in BlackJack, the player is competing against the dealer.

Card values

To do this, as we’ve already said, we’ll have to form hands whose values get us as close to the 21-point figure as possible. Each card in the deck has a predetermined value:

  • An Ace scores 1 or 11 points depending on what is left in the player’s hand at that point.
  • Face cards are valued at 10 points.
  • The remaining cards in the deck are valued at face value.

Having explained all this, let’s put ourselves in a situation: we have the dealer in front of us and the other players next to us. We have already been dealt 2 cards face up, and the other players and the dealer have theirs. How will the game continue?

Possible actions

  • Hit: the dealer deals you a card, which is added to your hand (face up).
  • Freeze: the player stops playing before the count, as soon as the round ends.
  • Double down: the player receives an additional card in exchange for doubling his bet.
  • Surrender.
  • Split Pairs: If you have 2 identical cards, you can split them into two different hands. Each hand has its separate bet.

Winning / Losing

As we explained at the beginning, a player wins if the following conditions are met:

  • He hasn’t exceeded 21 points and his score, whatever it is, is higher than the dealers.
  • He reaches 21 points with blackjack (we will now explain what this game consists of).

Similarly, you will lose if:

  • You are ahead of the dealer, and the dealer does not exceed 21 points.
  • If you score more than 21 points

What is blackjack?

Blackjack is when a player scores precisely 21 points naturally with only 2 cards consisting of a face (10) and an ace (11).

Before we finish

Well… now that we roughly know how to play blackjack, what do we do? Just start playing? Not at all! You need to put in a good dose of time, patience, and lots of practice to dominate the room with blackjack strategies for beginners and become a good player. Ruby Fortune Casino offers its customers good bonuses to play blackjack online.

Also, we should never forget that this is a very mathematical game. If you have some mental greed, you’ll likely adapt quickly to the game’s mechanics, narrowing down the odds and playing with simple calculations in your head.

But watch out! This does not mean that we are already experts or that we will become millionaires by playing BlackJack. As we said before, you should always play with a big head and responsibility, spend a lot of time and practice before becoming a regular blackjack player in an online casino.

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