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Transmission is a hand painted action-adventure game that blends tactical combat, vast exploration, and intricate puzzle solving, along with a rich narrative in the realm of great science fiction cinema.

You find yourself deserted on an unknown planet, with little indication of how you arrived. Armed with your trusty plasma cutter and your ship’s sentient artificial intelligence computer, you must search for a way home. During your journey you will uncover secrets and challenges beyond your imagination, along with a hidden past that this strange planet holds. As you discover this hidden past, you will ultimately have to confront your own…




You wake up to find that you have crash-landed on a mysterious planet with no memory of anything that happened before. As you explore your new surroundings, you discover a hidden object made of obsidian that emits a ghostly sound.

What the object does and who created it is a mystery, but its discovery plunges you into a perilous journey through the depths of a dangerous and lost world that wants to prevent you from discovering the object’s true purpose.

As you uncover this planet’s long-forgotten past, you’ll end up confronting your own….


The game is accompanied by a haunting and atmospheric original soundtrack by Jeremías Peña. Sometimes subtle, sometimes deeply moving, the music he created sets the tone for the game. You can listen to some of the ambient samples below:

Key Features

Hand-painted graphic style

Hand-painted graphic style – Everything is hand-drawn and has a stylized and unique look. It is painterly and expressive, but contains many specific details.


Exploration – A distinctive and huge game world for you to explore. The world is dark, mysterious and dangerous. You must use your wits and have a strong will to progress and discover the hidden secrets it holds. If you are lucky enough to find these secrets, you will be rewarded with large areas to explore, a deep story and hours of fun.

Tactical Combat

Tactical Combat – Enemies are brutal and engaging. Combat is fast-paced, but always approach it with caution. Simply running into a fight guarantees that you will be killed quickly. You must block, parry, dodge, and be ready to strike when the opportunity arises.


Enemies – You will encounter organic creatures and artificial guardians on your quest. Each enemy has specific characteristics that require you to study their behavior to find the right method of attack. Below are some examples of sketches:


Crafting – You will find several crafting stations hidden around the planet. At each of these stations, you can craft special equipment and weapons found during exploration and combat. Items can also be broken down into raw materials (supplies) to craft new items. You’ll need to keep an eye out for schematic documents containing “recipes” for new creations, or you’ll have the option to experiment with combinations of raw materials yourself.


Puzzles – Thoughtful and interesting puzzles complement combat. Search for relics, combine items and solve problems to overcome obstacles and open doors to new areas.
Interactive environments – Search crates, open containers, pull levers…. There are many objects to help you on your way, and exploring the world around you in detail is essential to your survival.

Downed Ship

Downed Ship – This is your base camp where you can explore objects, craft necessary equipment, talk to your ship’s computer, rest and a variety of other options as you progress on your journey.

Onboard Computer

Onboard Computer – Your ship is equipped with an intelligent artificial mainframe computer (SAM 4600 – Sentient Artificial Mainframe). It will give you advice and assistance as you explore your new environment. It can even hold philosophical conversations with you from time to time. You will be able to access it, and it will also follow your every move through a camera in the helmet.


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Unfortunately, the Paper Unicorn team was unable to raise the necessary amount of money on Kickstarter to develop the project. The fate of the game Transmission is unknown.

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